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Tips To Help You Apply For An Adjustment of Status In America!

It’s no secret that obtaining citizenship and even residency status in the United States is complicated and stressful, which is why so many people seek legal help when they’re hashing out the intricate details of their green card applications.

Immigration attorneys like the experienced specialists at SYG Law Firm are great people to speak with when you’re confused about applying for an adjustment of status, and immigration law experts will always put you in the right direction towards getting the results you’re looking for.

Once you’ve gone through all the hoops and bounds of the green card application process, it’ll be time to apply for an adjustment of status in America. Below are some tips from the SYG team to help you better understand what this legal process entails!

Submitting Your Petition To Be Admitted Into The USA

A lot of green card applications will rely upon a family member or relative petitioning on the immigrant’s behalf via a formal filing process.

However, it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily need a petition from a family member and you can self-petition on your own behalf. This process is often more complicated, and will likely require legal guidance to ensure everything is filed correctly.

Verifying Your Visa’s Status And Submitting Your Adjustment Of Status Application

There are many scenarios in which your adjustment of status application can be simultaneously submitted with your green card petition. However, there are other scenarios in which an immigrant must wait until a visa category becomes available to them.

It’s important to know that an immigrant visa is available to you while you’re applying for permanent residency in the United States, and understanding this type of availability will often require legal counsel.

Go To An Immigration Support Center In Your Local Area

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will always contact applicants within a matter of a few months after receiving their application, and they’ll typically ask you to appear at an immigration support center. When you go in for these meetings, you’ll be asked to provide personal data, like your fingerprints and your photograph.

This type of information is important for the USCIS because it helps validate many different security and ID verification purposes. These meetings are usually very short, and they more than likely will not discuss the progress of your application in length.

You May Need To Attend An Interview

USCIS officials will then closely examine the merits of your application, and they’ll let you know if they want to conduct an interview with you. In this type of interview, you’ll have to answer application questions under legal oath.

When you attend this interview, you and potentially the relative who filed your immigration petition for you, must provide original documents that coincided with your Form I-485 application. These documents will include your birth certificate, passport, travel documents and form I-94.

Awaiting The USCIS’s Final Decision

Your residency claim will either be approved or denied by the USCIS, and they’ll notify you of their decision via writing. If your application ends up being approved, you’ll obtain a Green Card or Permanent Residency Card within a matter of a few weeks.

However, if your application is denied, they’ll explain why in the denial letter. They’ll also explain if you have the legal right to appeal their decision.

Always Be Sure To Reach Out To Immigration Law Experts When You’re In The Process Of Applying For An Adjustment Of Status!

Obtaining residency in the United States is never easy, which is why immigrants should always put their trust in legal specialists when they’re in these complicated situations.

Immigration attorneys will stand up for your rights and help you ensure that you’re abiding by all of the strict regulations of the USCIS. You can learn more about this application process by speaking with the SYG Law Firm by going through the hyperlink at the top of the page!

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