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What you should know about immigration attorneys

The process can be overwhelming if you’re an immigrant applying for a green card or citizenship. There are so many different things to think about and worry about that it can be easy to get stuck in your head and never get around to making an application.

You can’t go it alone without an immigration lawyer.

You can’t do it alone. The immigration process is complicated, and there are many forms, requirements and fees that you need to pay.

If you want to be successful, hire an immigration attorney who knows how this works inside out (and has been involved in thousands upon thousands of cases).

Not all immigration lawyers are created equal.

Some specialize in certain areas of immigration law and may be unable to help you with every case you face.

Some lawyers are only good at writing letters but not so much at arguing in court. Others are good at helping people with a specific immigration issue, like working visas or green cards for spouses and children who have lived apart from their families for years but still want them by their side again.

Work with someone who handles all kinds of immigration cases.

You should also consider working with an immigration attorney who handles all cases. Immigration lawyers are familiar with the process and can help you navigate the legal system, avoid mistakes that could hurt your case, and find the best way to hear your case.

Focus on experience and expertise.

Before you hire an immigration attorney, it’s important to consider their experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Experience with your specific situation. An experienced attorney will have handled many of the same kinds of cases as you, so they can better understand your unique circumstances and guide you through them.
  • The immigration process in general. If your case involves a complicated issue or requires extensive research or assistance from others (like family members), then having a lawyer who knows how things work on both sides of the table can help get results quickly.
  • Expertise in immigration law, generally speaking—not just what parts apply specifically to yours but also whether any special considerations are involved, such as religious practices or criminal records that might need special attention.

Make sure your immigration lawyer understands your situation. 

  • Make sure your immigration lawyer understands your situation.
  • Make sure the lawyer has experience in your particular situation.
  • Check out their credentials, including whether they have a good reputation and are members of respected organizations like the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).
  • Ask them questions about how long they’ve been practicing immigration law and what kind of cases they’ve handled recently—and if there’s anything you’re worried about or concerned about, let them know!

To get a green card, hire an immigration lawyer.

An immigration lawyer will help you if your case goes to court and the judge finds that you did not qualify for citizenship. They can help you navigate the hurdles.

It is also important for many people who want green cards but do not want citizenship because they may need more time than those eligible for naturalization under the law of their state or country of residence.

An NYC immigration attorney can handle so many cases, help you transition and settle in your destination.

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