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The Top 3 Reasons to Use Live Scan Services in Florida

Introduction: What is Live Scan?

Live Scan fingerprinting is a process by which fingerprints are digitally recorded and matched with the person’s identity to whom they belong and provides fast results. This technology is designed to minimize false positives. Fingerprinting is necessary because it is the most reliable way to identify people. Live scans are also less invasive than other methods, such as DNA testing. It is used for employment background checks, pre-employment screening, DOJ security clearance investigations, correctional facility record searches and FBI record searches.

  • Fingerprints Are Necessary for Employment Background Checks

A reputable background check service is one of the most critical tools in helping companies and organizations understand to who they are giving their trust. Background checks provide a snapshot of a person’s criminal history, professional qualifications, financial standing, and other personal information.

There are many reasons why fingerprints are the best form of identification. The most important reason is that they’re the most reliable form of ID, and they’re tough to fake because each fingerprint is unique. Fingerprints also don’t take up any space or use resources like water or chemicals like DNA testing, which saves both employers and employees money.

With so many biometric technologies in use today, fingerprinting is one of the most trusted and reliable. Here are the top 5 reasons to use Florida live scan fingerprinting services:

    2. Live Scan Fingerprinting Saves Time

Due to the nature of employment, it is necessary to get background checks done quickly and without mistakes. Live scan services are a faster option that has proven more accurate than ink fingerprinting.

Live scan fingerprinting is also cheaper for employers and saves time for employees by eliminating the need to use the slower and outdated method of ink fingerprints. 

    3. Live Scan Data is More Accurate Than Paper-based Fingerprinting

Livescan fingerprinting is a more accurate way of collecting fingerprints. With live scan fingerprinting, fingerprints are digitally captured and sent electronically to The Department of Justice (DOJ). Livescan fingerprinting has also been found to be more reliable than traditional ink fingerprinting because it creates a digital copy of an individual’s fingerprints which can then be digitally matched against pre-existing prints in the DOJ and FBI databases.

Furthermore, live scan services can do more than just check criminal records; they can also verify information such as the employee’s credit score and much more.

Conclusion: Why Businesses in Florida Should Use Live Scan Service

Live scan fingerprinting service is a faster and more accurate way of obtaining fingerprints and criminal background checks. The DOJ has put in place many procedures to ensure security and peace of mind for businesses and individuals.

Moreover, live scan systems are more accurate than regular ink-and-paper fingerprinting because they use digital imaging technology, which eliminates the risk of smudging or smearing.

Fingerprinting is often done for background checks, but it can also be done during the hiring process. Employers in Florida should use Certifix Livescan for their many benefits, which include increased safety for their employees and clientele. 

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