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Common Injuries That Don’t Appear Until After A Car Accident

With rising populations and an increase in distracted drivers, car accidents are not only a daily occurrence but an hourly one. Injuries are very common but sometimes they don’t appear until days or weeks later. In order to include your injuries in a car accident claim and get the compensation you deserve, see a doctor right away. If you’ve been injured or need help with a case, contact a car accident attorney in Philadelphia.

In 2020, Pennsylvanians were involved in over 100,000 accidents on the road resulting in over 61,000 injuries and 1100 deaths. That breaks down to about 7 accident related injuries an hour. Some injuries are obvious and instantaneous, such as cuts, burns and broken bones. However, other injuries such as whiplash, PTSD, spine or brain injuries can take weeks or months to develop.

Types Of Injuries That Develop After A Car Accident

Immediately after an accident, your body can go into shock or fight or flight. Either way, you’ll be pumped full of adrenaline and other hormones that will prevent you from feeling the full extent of your injuries. As your body starts to decompress, you’ll begin to feel the minor pains such as swelling and bruising. Days and weeks later, more major issues will start to settle in.

Whiplash for example, is most commonly due to being rear ended and the symptoms range from stiffness, pain, to loss of motion. Depending on the severity, it can take 24 hours to several days after an accident to show up. If left untreated, it can lead to long term or chronic pain and complications. Neck injuries are serious and should be assessed by a medical professional right away.

Back and spine injuries are often delayed in diagnosis due to localized swelling, bruising and tenderness however, if left untreated or if diagnosis is too late, it can lead to long term denigration, disability and paralysis. During an accident, the back and spine absorb a lot of the impact making the likelihood of injury almost guaranteed. Back and spine injuries include herniated discs, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries and compression fractures.

Besides physical injuries, a person who survives a traumatic car accident can also develop

mental/emotional injuries such as PTSD which may not show up until months or years later. In fact car accidents are one of the leading causes of PTSD. The symptoms include changes in emotional responses, avoidance, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and symptoms that get worse over time.

Always Seek Immediate Professional Help After An Accident

Since many injuries don’t often show up until days-weeks-or-months later, always get medical attention right away. This way you can get proper diagnosis early on preventing long term, chronic pain or complications. You’ll also be able to document your injuries as they show up ensuring they are part of your accident claim. After you get professional medical help, get professional legal help to make sure you get the guidance and compensation you deserve.

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