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Reasons To Modify A Co-Parenting Plan 

Going through a divorce when you have children is never easy. However, what you want may not always happen, and you may have to compromise. This is where the co-parenting plan comes in, which includes where the kid stays during the weekdays and weekends, who they spend their holidays with, and who makes the decisions about their education.

A plan should always be made keeping your child’s best interests in mind. If your current plan is not doing that, you may need to change it. If you think the co-parenting plan needs to be revised, consult with a Salt Lake City divorce attorney today. 

Reasons to modify a co-parenting plan 

  • You notice a change in your child’s behavior. 

Divorces are stressful for not just the spouses but their children as well. After all, no child wants their parents to separate from each other. A child goes through a hard time watching their mother and father go separate ways and can show a negative attitude. They may be behaving badly in school, start wetting their bed again after stopping, become quiet when they are usually bubbly and outgoing, etc. 

If you see similar behavior in your child, maybe it is time to revisit the schedule. Talking to your child to see what they prefer can help you come up with a plan that makes them happy. You may also speak with a specialist in Salt Lake City to understand what a child may want. 

  • One of the parents gets a new job. 

A new job does not only mean a new monthly income. It means a change of schedules for your day. Your new job may require you to work more hours and thus, stay outside of the house for longer. Moreover, if it is farther from your home than your old job, the commute would also take extra time. 

Overall, a new job demands a new schedule. If a new job makes it impossible for you to follow the old co-parenting schedule, you are well within your rights to request to modify it. 

  • Your child has changed schools. 

If your child has recently changed their schools, there might be some changes in their daily routine. For starters, their school hours may be longer, or their commute be longer or shorter. These changes can interfere with your parenting time. Therefore, you should make a new plan according to your child’s new school schedule. 

  • Your child is growing up. 

Children grow up very fast. They do not remain a toddler or a kindergartener all their life. As your child grows, their preferences may change. A parenting plan that works well for a kindergartener will not suit a teenager. Therefore, it is best to reflect these changes in the new parenting plan. 

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