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Does Social Media For Lawyers Generate Business?

Two types of media can be used in your law firm’s digital marketing strategy: the media that we look for, in which we actively search, such as Google, YouTube, and Podcasts, search engines in general and social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As experts such as Grow Law Firm marketing agency for example in digital marketing for lawyers, we made this content based on the video social networks generate business for lawyers; how? to explain to lawyers who are starting to invest in digital marketing what is the main difference between these two types of media and how to work assertively on social networks for your law firm.


First, it is necessary to understand that it makes perfect sense to look more carefully at search engines than at social networks. First, because no one enters social networks looking for a lawyer, on the other hand, users use Google and YouTube to search for solutions to their problems and Podcasts to delve into matters of their interest. These digital channels should receive most of your attention through the production of content, video, and recording of podcasts for particular areas of law, such as, for example, labor consultancy for furniture industries.

You need to deliver valuable information to the market in your activity area to reap the results as a digital authority. In your digital marketing planning, we recommend considering up to 80% of your investment in search engines.

Social Networks For Lawyers

Social networks are a medium for customer experience and relationships. But many lawyers question whether they have friends who work with jewelry, for example, and sell through the social network. The first difference is that the lawyer sells a high value-added service and not a product, such as jewelry, and the sale on social networks usually happens up to a specific value.

Research shows that the percentage of sales through social networks goes up to about a thousand reais (considering the percentage of decision-making without the need for human intervention, above this value, the conversion rate is significantly reduced) and, based on this simple comparison, it is worth mentioning that usually, the services of a specialized law firm go well beyond this value, making it even more difficult to |” hiring online.”

Social networks are a tool for approximation; they need to take the user to their relationship channel, whether to the website of your law firm or WhatsApp, for more immediate service. Therefore, we suggest at least 20% of your investment and attention to social networks in your digital marketing plan.

Remarketing On Social Media

Companies understand that users show interest in social networks or active search channels and put a code in their search to identify that the person who researched a particular subject is a potential customer. With this, the lawyer begins to publish content on the social network aimed at that person. This way, they reach people who have already shown some interest in their activity area, thus having a more qualified contact. But this complete explanation is for future content!

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