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How you can Fire your Attorney Without Hurting Your Workers Compensation Case

Your attorney is the best exponent and your legal resource pool when dealing with a worker compensation trial. However, suppose you see that your attorney is not up-to mark or your attorney-client relationship fluctuates. In that case, you should reconsider replacing your attorney and getting someone designated. 

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There might be plenty of reasons why you might want to fire your existing attorney. It can be external or internal factors, or maybe something about the attorney isn’t good enough. 

 Here we have made a list of the most common reasons why clients fire their existing attorneys:

  1. The attorney doesn’t seem to know the law.
  2. The attorney doesn’t show interest in your case and is not punctual.
  3. Your lawyer doesn’t give you updates as to what’s going on with the matter.
  4. The lawyer seems confused about the procedure of the trial.
  5. The attorney doesn’t know your name and doesn’t set up calls and appointments with you.

How do you find a new Workers’ Comp attorney?

Finding a new attorney in between your ongoing case can be a little overwhelming. However, below is a list that will assist you in getting the best attorney. These are some conditions that you should always inspect for in an attorney before selecting them.

  1. While looking for a new lawyer, you should check their knowledge and experience. 
  2. How consistent he is with his work and his consistency.
  3. What kind of call to action does he have for your case?
  4. How good is he in building an attorney-client relationship?

A qualified and practiced attorney will give you good insight as to what will happen/ or what should be your next step in your case. If your potential attorney cannot present you with answers that make sense, you have the full right to look for a separate attorney. 

Additionally, you can also check out their case studies and client feedback to understand how good they are. 

Search for a new attorney

Initially, you need to start by doing some investigation about Work Compensation attorneys. You can converse with people or friends who have been through the same situation you are currently in. This is one of the most trusted approaches to find an actual good lawyer who will make this case a successful one for you.

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