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How can a DUI attorney help you?


DUI or Driving Under Influence is a serious criminal offense with serious consequences. You can be charged with a DUI offense if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any such similar substances while driving and are involved in an accident or caught by the police in a field sobriety test. If you are driving under such circumstances and end up in an accident that injures the other party, then the other party can sue you and recover all the damages. Such severe consequences can lead you to end up in jail or lose your license. To fight the charges of Felony DUI in Honolulu successfully, it is best advised to hire a DUI attorney. 

A DUI attorney can help you in the following ways:-

Familiarity with the legal process: Experience plays a huge role when it comes to DUI cases. An experienced attorney knows how to defend you in the best way possible by asking the right questions to witnesses to collect the right evidence. They are adept with the court rules and laws that give you an edge to question the prosecution’s claims. 

Saves time: Hiring a DUI attorney will save you a lot of time and effort too. If you represent yourself you might have to appear at court each and every time of the hearing. With an attorney by your side, you do not need to go to court every time. Your attorney will represent you in court. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to spend that time at work or with friends and family.

Handle paperwork and documents: Legal process involves tons of paperwork and documents. An experienced DUI attorney knows all about the law and what documents and paperwork are to be filed. You do not have to worry about single paperwork or documents. The attorney will ensure there are no errors in the paperwork and it is filed within the deadlines mentioned. 

Negotiate plea bargains: A DUI attorney will help negotiate plea bargains on your behalf. In case of conviction, the attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor and minimize the punishment and penalty. If it is your first DUI charge, your attorney will try every possible way to keep you out of jail and help you from losing your license. They can do this by ensuring that you attend alcohol counseling, do community service, etc.

DUI laws vary from region to region. However, it is considered a serious offense in all regions with severe penalties and even jail terms. Therefore, to help you fight a DUI charge effectively, it is essential you hire a reputable DUI attorney.  

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