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Elder Law: Everything You Need to Know About It

Elder law is among the fields in law that specializes in issues faced by elders. It focuses on helping the aging population address some of the issues that arise with age to ensure that they navigate life comfortably. Understanding what elder law is will go a long way in knowing when is the right time to engage an Elder Law Attorney RI when a senior citizen is facing issues.

  1. Areas covered by elder law

As aforementioned, elder law deals with issues involving the citizens. The main areas covered by elder law senior include special needs or disability planning, estate planning, settlement planning, elder abuse, guardianship, and conservatorship. An elder attorney helps clients facing issues highlighted in any of the areas above.

  1. How do elder law attorneys help senior citizens

An elder attorney can help an individual in many areas. When it comes to healthcare, they help them choose long-term healthcare options, provide healthcare power of attorney services, and things to do with patients’ rights.

They also help clients select the ideal legal guardians, manage their assisted living expenses and costs, and choose assisted living facilities. They communicate with their clients the importance of estate planning and guide them through the estate planning process.

Elder law attorneys also help the senior elders draft wills and include a long term power of attorney. Elder attorneys also take part in financial planning for older citizens and provide them with financial representation services.

  1. Factors to consider when choosing an elder law attorney

Just like when buying a product or choosing any other service provider, there is a need to be meticulous in order to get the best the industry has to offer. The first thing to look at would be experience, as your engagement’s success rate is likely to be high if they have handled a similar job before.

A breadth of knowledge of experience is required for the attorney to design personalized service for you or your loved one. At this point, the questions you should ask is the number of clients the attorney has assisted and the number of similar situations they have helped. That way, you can be confident that the attorney is going to meet the elder law needs of your loved one.

The other factors to consider include focus and good interpersonal skills.

  1. Elder law attorneys billing structure

This will depend on the lawyer you are working with. While some of the elder law attorneys charge by the hours, others charge on the type of work they have been given. It is, therefore, essential to seek clarity on this before you choose an elder law attorney.


Senior citizens have unique legal issues, and they need the help of experienced professionals to address them. Elder law attorneys can handle a wide range of legal issues, including abuse, fraud, estate planning, financial planning, and even healthcare planning.

Investing in elder law attorneys is worth it as it helps families avoid the headache that comes with legal issues in the future.

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