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Here are some great alternatives to getting home without drink driving!

Even if you feel all good to drive, if you’ve had a few drinks, then it’s highly likely that you are not. Being only slightly over the limit impairs your ability to react and your judgement, and it’s simply not worth the risk when there are so many other alternatives available to you. We’ve put together this post to share some of them.

Is the penalty for drink driving bad?

Yes, facing a drink driving charge can have serious repercussions. Here are some of the potential penalties of a drink driving charge:

A disqualification period

Here in Queensland, all drink driving charges come with a mandatory disqualification period. How long your licence will be disqualified for will depend on the type of licence you hold and your BAC reading. The higher your BAC, the harsher your penalty and the longer your disqualification period.

A monetary fine

Another mandatory penalty is a monetary fine. Low range drink driving charges start at around $1,600 but can be over $3,000 for a high range drink driving charge.

Impacts on virtually every part of your life

Having no licence can have a huge impact on your life and livelihood, and not in a good way. Getting around can prove to be difficult, and you may need to rely on others or public transport. You may lose your job and it can affect your ability to gain employment in the future. Not only that, some countries will not let in those who have had a previous DUI charge, so if travelling internationally was something that you’d like to do, this may jeopardise your plans.

Expenses relating to your case

If you seek legal advice, need to have time off work, or can’t get to work due to your drink driving charge, this can all cost you money. Taking your chances and driving home can turn out to be very expensive and simply not worth the risk.

You’ve also got to consider the fact that if you accidentally hurt someone or damage property while driving under the influence, these are huge things you’ll have to deal with.

Alternatives to getting home safely

Getting behind the wheel when you’ve had too many drinks is never a good idea. There are so many other options available to you and knowing that you have a way home other than yourself, allows you to relax and enjoy your night, plus you don’t have to contemplate whether to drive or not. Here are some alternatives to getting home safely:

Put away enough money for an uber or taxi

Uber’s and taxis are virtually everywhere, and you can typically get one with ease regardless of where you are. Yes, they cost money but much, much less than a drink driving charge.

Ask a family member or friend to pick you up

Ask one of your family members or friends to pick you up. If it’s the difference between your driving while drunk or them coming to get you, it is worthwhile asking the question.

Have an appointed designated driver

Organise beforehand to have a friend or family member be a designated driver for the night. Either they don’t drink alcohol when they are out or they can come to pick you up at a later time.

Jump on public transport

Options for public transport are abundant, from buses and trains to trams and light rail, in most metropolitan areas, there is regular transport available. Ensure that you check the timetables and schedules before you head out so, you don’t miss the transport you are taking and are tempted to drive.

Stay near where you are going out

Why not make your night going out that much more special by staying in a hotel or resort close to where you are going. You can make the most of it by having a refreshing swim or shower before heading home sober the next day.

Stay at a friend’s place

If one of your friends or family members lives nearby, consider crashing at their place for the night to sober up. You can head home the next day when you are under the legal alcohol limit.

What you can do to stop others from drink driving

If someone you care about is trying to drive home drunk, this can be highly stressful. Attempting to stop them is being a good friend, whether they think that in the moment or not. Here are some ways you can try and stop your loved one from driving when they’ve had too much to drink:

Provide them with an alternative solution

Order them an uber or taxi and let them know that they don’t have to drive because you’ve organised a way home for them.

Drive home if you are sober

If you have driven your car and you are sober, offer to drive them home.

Ask for help

If you are with others, ask them to help you persuade them not to drive. Together you can present an alternative option to them.

Get their keys off them

To ensure that your friend or family member doesn’t drive, ask them to give you their keys at the start of the night.

Make other arrangements

As you can see, there are ample options available other than drink drinking. A lapse in judgement can have detrimental consequences, and it isn’t worth it no matter the situation.

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