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Dui Charges: What are the Consequences and Penalties of DUI Charge

DUI charges vary from state to state, and the consequences can be harsh to the victims. Understanding your state’s law and the penalties you will face lets you know your defence bases and what to expect. Every state will have a set rule on the first DUI offence, allowing it to be charged as a misdemeanour. However, depending on its severity, they will take the DUI case seriously and impose significant penalties if you have been involved in multiple convictions.

Irrespective of the number of charges, you must contact a DUI attorney in Kent for your defence. A lawyer can help interpret the law for you and strategies for reducing sentences. You should note that some states treat the first-time offence as a civil infraction, not a misdemeanour. This article will explore the consequences and penalties for DUI charges.

  1. Prison or Jail Time

One of the standard penalties for DUI cases is getting jail or prison time. In addition, there are other penalties, such as alcohol assessment and treatment, probation, community service, fines and imprisonment. However, in most states, the first offence is often overlooked, and you might get less sentencing because it will be treated as a misdemeanour. Some states will require a minimum amount of jail time which can be one or two days, while the maximum amount of conviction for your first offence can be six months in jail.

When you are involved in a severe DUI case, such as causing serious bodily injury or having high blood alcohol concentration, the states will sentence you to more years in jail. Furthermore, when you have subsequent DUI offences can trigger longer sentences. If you are involved in a felony DUI and kill someone, the prison years will be more.

  1. Costs and Fines

Dui cases can be expensive depending on the impact you have caused. Depending on your state, you can incur fines and costs of $500 or more. You will also need to compensate those injured, especially if you don’t have an insurance policy or the injuries were not covered by your insurance cover. You can be subjected to install an ignition interlock device which is very expensive on your own. This system requires the driver to blow into the car dashboard, and if there is the alcohol content in the driver’s blood, the car will fail to start.

  1. Revocation and Suspension of Your License

If you depend on driving to earn your daily wages, you might get it rough when involved in a DUI case. The laws set allows most states to suspend your license, which h can be done by a court order or from the motor vehicle department. The common term for license suspension in most states is 90 days for the first-time DUI offender. However, you can apply for a restricted license allowing you to drive to rehab, school and work during the suspension period with the IID installed. When you have many convictions, the suspension time will be longer, and in some cases, your licence can be revoked.

End Note

You might get the above penalties and conviction when you have a DUI case. You must hire a reputable, experienced DUI attorney to help reduce penalties and sentences.

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