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Affordable Criminal Lawyers in Austin Texas:

With Texas having some of the highest lawyer fees in the country, it can be difficult to acquire expert representation while remaining within budget. While there are a myriad of extremely talented criminal lawyers in Austin Texas, many individuals are overwhelmed by weeding through the city’s extensive options for an affordable, top-rated choice and opt for court-appointed representation which may be inadequate. To provide your case with the best chances for a positive outcome, here are some affordable criminal lawyers in Austin Texas who offer masterful legal counsel without breaking the bank.

Eric Lim of The Law Office of Eric Lim

Eric Lim is a dedicated trial lawyer with over 14 years who specializes in DUI and DWI cases but has represented all forms of criminal cases in Travis, Hays, and Williamson counties. Lim understands the financial constraints that many in need of a lawyer are under and will work tirelessly to find the quickest and cheapest way to resolve your case. Unlike many lawyers, Lim charges a flat fee to handle all cases up until the jury and will never “nickel-and-dime” his customers for frivolous services that they don’t need. Lim doesn’t believe in charging premiums for things like a thorough investigation of a client’s case or an expertly prepared defense and handles a limited case load in order to provide each of his clients with the highest quality representation. At The Law Office of Eric Lim, transparency and accessibility are at the forefront, with Lim personally answering all questions, calls, text messages, and emails. Lim provides free over the phone legal consultations. 

Kevin Bennet of The Law Offices of Kevin Bennet 

Kevin Bennett is a criminal defense lawyer representing felony and misdemeanor cases ranging from anything to a DWI, assault, or traffic offense. Bennet works tirelessly to defend each of his clients’ cases as if he was representing himself and has received several accolades for his superb representation, including being elected a Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation for his continued commitment to criminal defense. Bennet has a strong philosophy that legal representation should be affordable to everyone, and will schedule a free personal consultation for anyone facing legal challenges. Upon concluding your consultation, Bennet will provide a reasonable quote for his services and will not pressure you into signing any contracts you aren’t comfortable with. Bennet is willing to develop a payment plan alongside his clients taking their budgetary constraints into account.  

Robert Keates of Keates Law Firm:

Robert Keates has over 16 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney handling thousands of cases from DWIs to marijuana possession and theft. Keates has an illustrious defense background, having clerked for a Federal Judge and written briefs for the Innocence Project- a nonprofit legal organization dedicated to exonerating individuals wrongly convicted of a crime. Keates prides himself on the time and effort he puts into his client’s cases, handling each case personally and making sure to spend time informing clients about their options and the criminal justice process. Keates Law Firm offers free telephone consultations and accepts no interest monthly payment plans for all his cases. To ensure that everyone has access to affordable criminal lawyers in Austin Texas, Keates and the Keates Law Firm offer discounted rates and reduced legal fees ranging from $100 to $250 off for first time offenders, students, and the military.

Austin Community Law Center

The Austin Community Law Center is a charitable organization devoted to making legal representation more affordable and accessible within the Austin community. The Law Center is a great place to look for an affordable criminal lawyer in Austin Texas, as all lawyers in The Law Center charge hourly rates between $85 and $160 depending on a client’s income. This can save clients 25% to 85% in lawyer fees, as the average hourly rate for a criminal lawyer in Austin ranges anywhere from $200 to $450. The Austin Community Law Center has five highly skilled staff attorneys who specialize in various areas of the law including criminal defense. The Community Law Center has also organized dozens of local legal clinics in Austin schools and is known for representing clients dealing with systemic injustices such as victims of police brutality.

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