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A personal injury lawsuit – Everything that you need to know on such cases 

Most people don’t know what a personal injury lawsuit is. This is why victims of car crashes and their families are worried about following a personal injury claim. Any personal injury lawsuit could lead to a trial before the jury but that doesn’t mean that all personal injury lawsuits result in a trial. This process shouldn’t be a daunting one with the help of a Stockton personal injury attorney

However, before you move on to finding yourself a trustworthy personal injury attorney who can represent you at the court, do you know the cases which categorize as personal injury lawsuits? If you don’t, keep reading to know more. 

  • Car accident crashes

Car accidents are accountable for the majority of the personal injury cases in the US and also in other parts of the world. In the event of an accident, it is always due to the negligence of someone who wasn’t abiding by the traffic rules or was not driving as watchfully as he should have. The at-fault driver is held financially accountable for any injury that resulted from the car accident. However, there are exceptions in the no-fault states where the victims have to collect the compensation amount from their insurance companies unless it is something ‘serious’. 

  • Medical malpractices

This kind of claim arises when a health care professional or a doctor offers treatment that is not up to the medical standard of care and when the patient falls sick or his health deteriorates due to this negligence. However, you also have to understand that obtaining a less-than-desired result in a health care setting doesn’t always mean that it was due to medical malpractice. Hence, you need to know when a case falls under medical malpractice and why it is tough to win such cases. 

  • Slip and Fall cases

Slip and fall lawsuits are one more form of personal injury case. Owners of property and in a few cases, those who rent their property, are bound legally to maintain safe premises that are free of hazards. This is a part of their legal duty so that people stepping into their property never get injured. Any injury that occurs on a property doesn’t lead to liability. The nature of the legal duty of a property owner varies according to the situation and the laws of the state. 

  • Dog bites

In the majority of the cases, dog owners are financially liable for the injuries and bites that are caused by the dog. Though the laws on the accountability of the owner vary from one state to the other, yet there are stringent liability regulations for dog owners. Any dog owner will be held responsible for damages caused due to dog bites even though the dog might have not shown any past propensity to bite. 

  • Defamation

Defamation is a type of libel and slander that means an injury to the reputation of a person which is a result of false statements. What does a defamation plaintiff have to prove? Well, this varies based on who the plaintiff is and where the statement was given. Any usual person will need to prove that a false statement was made and that it resulted in serious damage. Public figures and celebrities, usually require proving ‘actual malice’. This means that they have to prove that the statement was made intentionally. 

No matter what type of personal injury case you’re filing, you need a clear understanding of the procedures, facts, and laws involved. It is best to seek the help of a personal injury attorney to heighten the chances of winning a case.

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